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DaciHep is Daclatasvir (Generic version of Daklinza 60/30 mg) that may be a drug used as a part of antiviral medical aid against chronic hepatitis C virus, DaciHep (Daclatasvir) is associate HCV enzyme matter. These medicine forestall the enzyme catalyst from operating. Daclatasvir was discovered as a first-in-class matter of the non-structural microorganism macromolecule 5A (NS5A), a protein that plays a vital role in hepatitis C replication. the precise mechanism by that daclatasvir inhibits the NS5A replication complicated is unclear, however it's believed that daclatasvir inhibits microorganism polymer replication and particle assembly. Daclatasvir is employed with another antiviral medication (sofosbuvir) to treat chronic (long-lasting) hepatitis C, a infection of the liver. These medications along scale back the number of hepatitis C virus in your body, that facilitates your system fight the infection and will help your liver recover. Chronic hepatitis C infection will cause serious liver issues like scarring (cirrhosis), or carcinoma. This makes it more durable for the virus to multiply. DaciHep (Daclatasvir) should be utilized in combination with different HCV medications. the mix of medicines depends on the strain or Genotype of HCV. DaciHep (Daclatasvir) mustn't be used alone, DaciHep is that the 1st Indian Generic version of Daclatasvir Globally accessible as Daklinza-by BMS.


Take this drug orally with or while not supplement. one pill contain sixty mgs.  Daclatasvir is brought with totally different prescriptions relying upon the HCV genotype:
•         Patients with HCV genotype one or four take DaciHep with RBV and Peg IFN for twelve weeks.
•         Patients with HCV genotype two take DaciHep with RBV for twelve weeks (without interferon).
•     Patients with HCV genotype three take DaciHep with RBV for twenty-four weeks (without interferon).
•         Interferon is infused beneath the skin, and antiviral drug is taken orally.
Take this medication with or while not food. It got to be place away at temperature (underneath 30oC).
Note : - The period and treatment choice of DaciHep (Daclatasvir) together with antiviral drug & IFN primarily based medical aid might vary supported treating clinician's judgment supported Genotype and previous treatment expertise.


The most common aspect effects of DaciHep (Daclatasvir) square measure enamored RBV square measure fatigue (fatigue) and headache.
When enamored RBV the foremost common aspect effects square measure fatigue, headache, nausea, problem sleeping and low red corpuscle counts These don't seem to be the sole potential aspect effects of HCV treatment. Tell your tending supplier if you've got any aspect result that bothers you or that doesn't flee. as a result of DaciHep (Daclatasvir) is typically taken together with antiviral drug, which might cause serious birth defects, don't take DaciHep (Daclatasvir) if you or your sexual partner is pregnant or wish to become pregnant. don't become pregnant for six months when you or your partner stop taking DaciHep (Daclatasvir). See for a lot of data on the aspect effects of RBV. make sure to inform your health care supplier concerning any aspect effects that you simply square measure having.

Dacihep Daclatasvir 60mg Tablets Specifications:

Brand Name: DaciHep
Marketed by: Zydus Heptiza
Strength: sixty mg
Form: Tablets

Packing: 28 tablets in every pack


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